Canfield High School
​ Swim & Dive Team

No Parent Involvement = Swim & Dive without Water

The High School Swim & Dive Team heavily relies on parents volunteering throughout the year.  You have an opportunity to be involved at any level.  The important part is that you BE INVOLVED!   We need your help! Please consider volunteering for any of the following areas:

CHS Swim/Dive Booster Volunteers 2017-2018

  • President:   Chuck Brady (position available in 2018)
  • Treasurer:  Jamie Dietz (position available in 2019)
  •  Kelley Schuler  (position available in 2019)
  •  Dan Durham (position available in 2020)
  •  Lisa DiDomenico  (position avialable in 2020)

If you are interested in a board position, please let a current member know.

4th of July 

All parents and swimmers are expected to participate and work the day of this fundraiser

Chairperson is responsible for coordinating the committee contract, organizing workers, layout, and purchases.  (All parents and swimmers asked to participate in this fundraiser)

2018 Committee

Chairpersons:  Don & Debbie Shelley

Co-chair:  ____________________________  

Grill Prep:  Bob Kutsch

Booster Ball Cards

Chairperson: Jamie Dietz

Co-chair:  _________________________

Pre-Season Bonfire (Date: TBD)

Host at your home.  Boosters may provide $2 per person attending

  1.  ___________________________________

Clothing Sale (Saturday, November 11, 2017)

T-shirts, sweats, order form, coordinate sale etc:

  1. Jen Kutsch
  2. ____________________________

Banners/Bulletin Boards

Hang in the cafeteria before the first meet and take down, store in gym locker before banquet.  Also, organize bulletin boards with current pictures.

  1. _____________________________
  2. _____________________________

Head Timer 

In charge of scheduling timers for home meets.

  1. ___________________________________

Home Meet Admission

Collection at door begins at 4:00.

  1. ___________________________________

Operate scoring for home meets.

  1. Jamie Dietz
  2. ____________________________________

Locker Magnets

Attach after December Craft Show, remove them after season

  1. _________________________________

Christmas Party

Boosters provides main course, supplies and rental costs

  1. _________________________________
  2. _________________________________

Pancake Breakfast (January 7, 2018)

All parents and swimmers are expected to participate and work the day of this fundraiser

2018 Chairpersons:

Lisa DiDomenico
Cheryl Brady*

Publicity for Pancake Breakfast (newspapers, church bulletins, media, posters, fliers, tickets)

Letters to churches:     ___________________________
Signs around town        Chuck Brady*
Newspaper, TV/Web:    ___________________________

Senior Night

YSU Decorations, gifts, program (need non-senior parents)

  1. ____________________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________________

Senior Night Dinner

Contact YSU regarding use of back lobby or obtain other venue, invitations, decorate and select menu.

  1. ________________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________

Spirit Committee 

Meet results to Vindicator and Crier:  __________________________
Publicity articles for Town Crier etc:  ___________________________

Pasta Dinner

Before Sectionals in home for team only.  Boosters may provide $3.00 per team member attending

  1. ___________________________________
  2. ___________________________________

Team Banquet

NOT ON A SUNDAY - Responsible for reserving date, invitations, program, menu, decorations and coordinating of the event with seniors. 

  1. ___________________________________
  2. ___________________________________
  3. ___________________________________

*~ Indicates senior parents who will be graduating with their swimmer/diver at the end of the 2017-2018 season.